Welcome to the Morgan State University Scholarship Opportunities Homepage.

Students may apply for scholarships each semester (Fall & Spring) through the MSU AcademicWorks website. The Fall scholarship application opens June 1st and the Spring scholarship application opens on January 3rd. The scholarships awarded are funded through contributions from Alumni, Faculty & Staff, Campus Organizations, and Corporations.

Who Can Apply?

  • To apply for scholarships through AcademicWorks, applicants must be incoming Freshmen or transfer students admitted to Morgan State University, or current Morgan State University students who are registered for classes for the applicable term.

How Do I Apply?

  • If you are an Applicant or Scholarship Administrator, sign in to AcademicWorks using your MSU login credentials. If you need help with your login or password, please click on trouble signing in.
  • To apply, you must complete the General Application, which will retain information used to qualify applicants for scholarship opportunities. Once the General Application has been completed, AcademicWorks will automatically match the applicant to scholarship opportunities that they are eligible for, based upon their General Application information.
  • All Scholarships require the applicant to be in financial need to be considered.
  • There may be scholarships available that require you to provide more information or have specific criteria you need to complete. Scholarships with the word “Apply” in the action column (once you have signed in) will require further action from the applicant, to be submitted for review.

How Will I Know If I have Been Selected to Receive a Scholarship?

  • If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be sent an email with the requirements that need to be completed to be awarded the scholarship.
  • Completing a Thank You Letter, Service Hours or other items will be required before you will be awarded the scholarship. Requirements for each scholarship may vary.


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